The last impression…: Taking Flight

The last session at Amal Academy was nothing less than emotional for me. The journey was a roller coaster, and as the ride ended — I felt exhilarated and my DIL wanted another go.

Being a small part of two batches, although the negative circumstance, the huge pro to the situation meant that I met twice as much amazing fellows, twice as much caring Facilitators and felt twice as much love. Therefore, it wasn't easy letting go.

And I didn't plan to either — at least that easy. So I made sure I got off from work to attend the last sessions at both the batches — B158 & B160. And boy, did I make a memorable decision.

Last Session — B158
Last Session — B160

My favourite activity of the day was probably the appreciations — and goodbyes the saddest. However, learning never ends, and neither do bonds that were made in this fellowship. I intend to implement my learning in practical life by remembering the Amal concepts; that have honestly changed the way I look at life. They have definitely helped me in giving some sort of structure to my very messy mind.

I look forward to meeting fellows in person. I can’t wait for the past discussion and the people behind all those amazing blogs, stories and personalities.

Reach to the Stars — Give your 110%

In the end, would leave the readers with this… because the sky is not a limit. You’re capable of much more than that — and before this fellowship; I probably wouldn't have given this much thought…

Something to wonder…