Visualizing My Experience — Amal Academy

Fahd Un Nabi Khan
2 min readOct 16, 2020

If I think about how I felt before joining Amal — nothing was working out. As if things are working out for me right now :D, but as the fellowship comes to a close — Alhumdullilah at least I have a sense of direction that I didn't have before.

[Since this story must incorporate recent photography magic, I thought why not include some long exposure shots of myself that might explain my journey with Amal.]

Ah, the first two weeks. Meeting new people, learning new concepts, battling one's own questions, and thoughts.

That's me — Praying.

It's when I went through the extensive courses, submitted the PWs and when I really gave the initial concepts of Amal, Khudi & 1 aur 1 : 11, a deep thought was when I started to understand what the fellowship really aims to achieve. Although fellows already know it as a Career-Prep Fellowship — but in actuality, it's much more than that. Concepts of Growth Mindset, where your passion lies, Lollipop moments — are just some of the takeaways that have been etched to my memory.

That's me — Thinking & Learning

I was initially so confused about what to pursue and what opportunity to take. At one time I had nothing to do after graduating and at one point I had 4–5 things knocking at my front door at the same time. These few months with Amal have been bumpy ride for sure — but memorable. I was and still am working on my stress and anxiety — but I know it's better. I was and am still weak at major decision making — but I know what to do when the next one comes by. I still don’t know where will life take me, but what I didn't know before is that — NO ONE knows that either.

Thats me — Growing as a person

I significantly remember students ask about what change will Amal Academy bring. The program managers would reply — “we don’t know but what we do know is that by the end of the fellowship — you'll feel that change”. And I think… I CAN FINALLY FEEL IT!